Woodsome Hall Thursday 11th April 2024


Booking for all events is now on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please make your entry using the online form below, as any other method (Email, Text, etc) may be missed and you may not be able to play.

Entries will be placed on the start sheet below, but this will be subject to chnage until closed on the Sunday evening preceding the event, so please confirm your tee times after that time.

Start Sheet

TimePlayer OnePlayer TwoClubPlayer OnePlayer TwoClub
08:30Tony SkittNigel CloughHanging Heaton
08:40Brian MintoBob Smith Hanging HeatonHoward EllisIan BoothHanging Heaton
08:50Ed PearsonMatthew RussellCrosland Heath
09:00Anthony KendallSteve RutaLongley Park / Dewsbury DistrictTracey GerrardGene GerrardHalifax
09:10Nigel BolamZenon SydorHuddersfield / Crow Nest ParkJosh HaleyAshley JohnsonDewsbury District
09:20Michael GreenonJohn CooperCrow Nest Park / CastlefieldsMichael WaddingtonAlan ScholefieldBradley Park / Crosland Heath
09:30John SmithDean MountainDewsbury DistrictDavid StocksRichard PayneHalifax Bradley Hall
09:40David HallasNick LeaderMelthamStephen ShawStephen ButtersMarsden
09:50Simon ShorthouseMark HolmesDewsbury District
10:00David GreeganRobin MortenHalifax Bradley HallNigel Hirst(P)Phil WilbrahamDewsbury District
10:10Steve BellJohn BellHalifaxPaul SherwinPaul MaymanHanging Heaton
10:20Andy TaylorIan WallisCrosland Heath
10:30Steve BradleyPatrick O'FlynnOutlane/Elland
10:40Andrew SteelDamon HansomMelthamBrendan BarrettRobert WhiteleyMeltham
10:50Michael MaudeJason CrosslandMelthamTony HellawellDavid ManionMeltham
11:00Roy Parker Donald HarrisonBradley ParkStephen HarringtonMartin HeapCrosland Heath / Saddleworth
11:10Dave MitchesonCliff FroggettHalifax Bradley Hall / Bradley ParkRick StimpsonGraham BrazierHalifax West End
12:00Pete NeweyMichael DempseyHuddersfield
12:20Carl LittlewoodGraeme BritteonHalifax Bradley HallClive JohnNigel ThorntonHalifax Bradley Hall
12:30Jeff CallaghanAdrian LittlewoodHalifax Bradley HallShaun LangJoe CoulterHalifax Bradley Hall
12:40Gary WilliamsonMartin ReddyHalifax Bradley Hall/EllandSteve BeckleyAndrew MooreHalifax Bradley Hall
12:50Neil McBride (P)Barry PageWillow Valley