Hanging Heaton Tuesday 3rd October 2023


Bookings for all competitions will be open on the day of the preceding competition and shall be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Any entries requested before the opening date for entries will be processed following those made on the day that entries open.

The only exceptions to this are as follows:

  • Season Opener – Hanging Heaton, 3rd October 2023 – Booking opens 4th September 2023
  • Return after winter break – Crosland Heath, 13th February 2024 – Booking opens 15th January 2024
  • Roger Heap & Page Trophy – Dewsbury District, 7th May 2024 – Booking opens 8th April 2024

Hanging Heaton Results 03102023

Player 1Player 2Club(s)Points
Derek ColquhounScott ColquhounHanging Heaton39
Gary AtkinTony CrossleyOutlane39
Steve BradleyPatrick O'FlynnOutlane38
Darren Arber (P)Stephen WormaldHalifax West End38
Mick GreenanAllan ScholefieldCrow Nest Park / Crosland Heath38
Brian MintoBob SmithHanging Heaton37
Howard EllisIan BoothHanging Heaton37
Michael TownendDavid SmithHanging Heaton37
Zenon SydorNigel BolamCrow Nest Park / Huddersfield37
Christopher SmithDanny StottHanging Heaton36
Nigel CloughPaul RatcliffeHanging Heaton36
Paul GittinsSteve BellHalifax36
Ken WoolfordIain HunterHanging Heaton35
Stephen ShawNick BeswickMarsden35
Trevor HooleySteve FarrarHanging Heaton35
Cliff FroggettDonald HarrisonBradley Park35
Ryan WaterworthRoss StudholmeOutlane34
David BerryAndy SmithOutlane32
Anthony KendallAndrew BaimbridgeLongley Park32
Roy ParkerCharles Burton (Buggy)Bradley Park/Huddersfield31
Nigel Hirst (P)Mark WestonDewsbury District31
Roger TolsonRoy HardcastleHanging Heaton30
Jeff CallaghanAdrian LittlewoodHalifax Bradley Hall27
Edward PearsonMatthew RussellCrosland Heath27
Joe CoulterAndrew MooreHalifax Bradley Hall27

Start Sheet

TimePlayer OnePlayer TwoClubPlayer OnePlayer TwoClub
08:00Christopher SmithDanny ScottHanging HeatonDavid Berry David SmithOutlane
08:30Ken WoolfordIain HunterHanging HeatonMichael TownendDavid SmithHanging Heaton
08:40Brian MintoBob SmithHanging HeatonDarren Arber (P)Stephen WormaldHalifax West End
08:50Derek ColquhounScott ColquhounHanging HeatonEdward PearsonMatthew RussellCrosland Heath
09:00ReservedReservedHanging HeatonZenon SydorNigel BolamCrow Nest Park / Huddersfield
09:10Stephen ShawNick BeswickMarsdenPaul GittinsSteve BellHalifax
09:20Trevor HooleySteve FarrarHanging HeatonAnthony KendallAndrew BaimbridgeLongley Park
09:30Howard EllisIan BoothHanging HeatonMick GreenanAllan ScholefieldCrow Nest Park / Crosland Heath
Break in Start Times to allow first round to complete holes 10 to 18
11:30Cliff FroggettDonald HarrisonBradley ParkNigel Hirst (P)Mark WestonDewsbury District
11:40Roy ParkerCharles BurtonBradley Park/HuddersfieldSteve BradleyPatrick O'FlynnOutlane
12:30Nigel CloughPaul RatcliffeHanging HeatonRoger TolsonRoy HardcastleHanging Heaton
12:40Jeff CallaghanAdrian LittlewoodHalifax Bradley HallJoe CoulterAndrew MooreHalifax Bradley Hall
12:50Ryan WaterworthRoss StudholmeOutlaneGary AtkinTony CrossleyOutlane