For Covid-19 procedures please click here.


With Covid-19 restrictions almost certainly in place for all of this season we will run the Winter Alliances with the following procedures.

 1. There will not necessarily be a meal at all events, this will be up to the club. Entry fees will be adjusted accordingly.

 2. Face covering must be worn when indoors except when eating or drinking.

 3. Entry fees must be placed in the box.

 4. Contact details must be given at signing-on (phone number)

 5. You must mark your own card, including the other cards score in the marker column. On completion verbally agree the scores and sign your own card. Put the card in the Competitions Cards box.

 6. Flag sticks must be left in place and not touched but may be held upright with a club.

 7. The ball may be lifted and placed within 6 inches not nearer the hole when in a bunker. (tidy the bunker with foot or club)

 8. There will be no presentation, prizes will be sent to the winners and results will be on our website by the end of the week.