Excellent scores were returned by the winners of both sections in the opening winter alliance of the season held at Meltham Golf Club on a day of gusty winds and squally showers, the weather improving as the day progressed. Although the ground was very soft this can be beneficial at Meltham, which is more difficult when the ground is hard. The greens were very good, having been “ironed” prior to play and although preferred lies “through the green” was in place this was of only limited benefit.

The pro-am was won by Dewsbury's Nigel Hirst and Martyn Turner (10) with a fine 43 points. A steady start on the front nine was followed by a run of 5 birdies in the back nine, topped off by a chip in net eagle on the last hole by Turner. In second place were Meltham's James Fish and Junior Captain Sam Summers (9), the youngster getting the bulk of their 39 points.

The am-am was won by Meltham's Mick Maude (5) and Gareth McMahon (5) who had a flying start with 5 birdies on the first 5 holes with a further 2 birdies and a net eagle (Maude on the par 5 11th) and no dropped shots for a total of 45 points. In second place were Outlane's Nick Hirst (12) and Woodsome Hall's Andy Lister (8) with 7 birdies and 2 dropped shots for 41 points.

The best scores generally came from the later starters but first out Ward and Beetlestone of Meltham on 38 points had the clubhouse lead for over 2 hours.

Outlane's steward Nick Hirst was welcomed as this season's president.

The next alliance is at Dewsbury District Golf Club on Tuesday 17 October.

Fortunately ex-hurricane Ophelia had not brought down any serious debris on Dewsbury  District golf course. The very stong winds persisted until late afternoon making play very hard work, however it was generally sunny although quite cool. The course was in very good condition, the recently hollow tined greens being a little bumpy but still resonable fast.

The Pro-Am target was set by Crosland Heath's Rob Booth and Chris L'Estrange (12) with an excellent 38 points in the worst of the wind and this held until the late scores came in. The home club's James Ward and Fergus Barron (2) carded 39 points with an eagle for Ward on the down-wind 11th and four birdies scored by the pair including a fine  one by Barron on the stroke 1 7th into the wind. This score was matched by Meltham's Simon Race and Terry Johnson (12) with an eagle to Race on the 5th and a net birdy on the 7th to Johnson.

The Am-Am target was set very early by Dewsbury's Phil Ledgard (15) and Roger Matthews (6) with 39 points with 5 net birdies including a fine one by Matthews at the stroke 2 13th into the wind. Their score was only bettered by Meltham's Mick Maude (5) and Gareth McMahon (5) with 40 points including a fine net eagle for McMahon on the 2nd and a gross eagle for Maude ont the 5th. There were three other pairs on 39 points who failed to exceed Ledgard and Matthews's back nine of 210 points. Gross or net eagles were also recorded by Pete Newey and Richard Ingham at the 5th and by C.Atkinson at the 14th.

Next Tuesday we are sending three teams to the “National Alliance” at the Marriott Worsley Park golf course and the next Alliance is at West End Golf Club on Tuesday 31 October.

Another good turnout was rewarded with a fine day on a well presented West End Golf Course with wins for Dewsbury's James Ward and Jonathan Binns and Bradley Hall's Clive McFadzean and Martin Reddy.

The pro-am winners James Ward and Jonathan Binns (4) of Dewsbury District carded a fine 43 points with 6 net birdies and an eagle for Ward on the par 5 16th, their only dropped point coming on the 17th hole. Tied in second place was James's boss Nigel Hirst partnered by Dewsbury's Captain Andrew Nicholson (11) and Bradley Hall's Tim Pollard and Mick Appleyard (8) on 41 points. The Dewsbury pair recorded 5 net birdies and no dropped points while the Bradley Hall pair had 4 net birdies and Pollard an eagle 2 at the 360 yard 6th hole but dropped a point at the 2nd. The home club Captain, Derek Turton, recorded a net eagle on the first hole

The am-am winners Clive McFadzean (5) and Martin Reddy (19) of Bradley Hall recorded an excellent 44 points kicked off with a net eagle for Reddy on the par 3 first hole followed by 6 net birdies and no dropped points for the pair. With 4 pairs on 42 points the next paces were decided on a card count-back. In 2nd were Crosland Heath's Simon Whitham (14) and Richard Wimpenny (12), 3rd were Simon McKenzie (7) of Meltham and Paul Walker (7) of Outlane,including a net eagle on the 3rd hole, 4th were Brian Thomson (10) of Crosland Heath and James Walsh (21) of Meltham with West End's Graham Thornton (21) and Les Carman (10) in 5th who had 9 net birdies after 14 holes but could only secure 5 points in the last 4.

A further 9 net eagles were recorded. New Independent Members from Woodsome Hall Crabtree and Eastwood had one each on their card. Outlane's O'Flynn and Twigg, Crosland Heath's Pearson and Shaw, Meltham's McMahon and Wozniak and Dewsbury's Wilbraham had one each.

The next Alliance is at Halifax Golf Club, Ogden, on Tuesday 14 November.

Finishing in the dark with a score of 49 points, the Ogden alliance am-am was won by the home club's Tony Gerrard and Mel Halliday while early starters Rob Booth and Thomas Thompson of Crosland Heath held on to win the pro-am with a score of 47 points. The very high scores were largely due to the event being played from forward tees due to a mis-understanding between the club and organizers, shortening the course by about 750 yards. The ground was very wet but the greens, although quite wet, were very good. There was little wind but itermittent drizzle, the fog staying high enough to be insignificant.

Tony Gerrard (10) and Mel Halliday (17) of Halifax G.C. recorded a net eagle on the 8th hole and 11 net birdies for 49 points, local knowledge no doubt helping them play the last couple of holes in the dark. A tie for second on 46 points in the am-am was resolved on a back nine count-back in favour of Crosland Heath's Richard Wimpenny (12) and Simon Whitham (14) from Bradley Hall's Paul Caldwell (11) and Richard Popps (14). The Crosland Heath pair recorded 3 eagles and 11 birdies while the Bradley Hall pair had 2 eagles and 8 birdies. Matthew Lockwood (14) scored a net albatros on the 15th to finish 6th with fellow Outlane member Martyn Atkinson (12).

Rob Booth had a gross eagle on the 15th and with partner Thomas Thompson (17) 9 birdies in their total of 47 points. In second place in the pro-am were Nigel Hirst and Andrew McMahon (6) of Dewsbury District G.C. who's 45 points included 10 birdies. Also scoring an eagle on the 15th was Bradley Park's head professional Tom Wild.

The 15th was by far the easiest hole with 15 eagles and there were a total of18 eagles at the other holes.

The last alliance of the year is on Tuesday 28 November at Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club.

Bradley Hall Golf Club  Tuesday 27 March 2018

The heavy overnight rain had left the course very wet but thanks to the efforts of the green keepers clearing the water from the greens we were able to get under way after a one hour delay.  Aditional relief by “lift, rake and place” in bunkers and “plugged ball through the green” were in place. There was some light rain and dizzle but also some bright spells, wind was very light, although stronger in the afternoon.

In the Pro-Am going out first scoring 42 points were the home club assistant Elliot Lister  and Steve Sandie (5) with a balanced card including a net eagle  on the 6th  five birdies. This was not challenged until Outlane's new professional Rob Booth partnered by Outlane Captain Brian Moroney, going out last, carded a 43 with 7 birdies. Crosland Heath's Richard Lambert had an eagle on the 16th and partner Brian Thomson (11) had a net eagle on the 5th.

Early clubhouse leaders in the Am-Am were Dave Mitcheson (15) and Peter Ford (20) of Bradley Hall and Outlane with 42 points which included 10 birdies. This was not matched until Fixby's Mike Dempsey (12) and Pete Newey (16) also recorded 42 points with a net eagle to Dempsey on the 16th and five birdies. On a back nine count-back victory went to Dempsey and Newey with 23 points to Mitcheson and Ford's 22. In third place were Outlane's Steve Beeby (5) and John Lawton (4) on 41 points with two net eagles and 4 birdies for Lawton.

The next Alliance is the Ron Parkinson Trophy at Crow Nest Park on Tuesday 10 April. The Club Championship is headed by Dewsbury with 250 points followed by Meltham on 249 and Outlane on 246.

Success for Chappie on Eve of Retirement.

On the eve of his retirement as professional at Outlane Golf Club Dave Chapman made a rare appearance at an Alliance and partnered by Brian Moroney (15) carded a score of 42 points for the early clubhouse lead which was eventually matched 3 hours later by Dewsbury Assistant James Ward partnered by Longley Parks scratch amateur Matthew Colcombe. Until a few years ago Chappie had been a regular on and a stong supporter of the Alliances and we wish him well in his retirement.

In the am-am the first pair to get over 40 points were Jason Crossland (13) and Roger Garside (10) of Meltham who's 41 points included a net eagle on the 13th. This was quickly surpassed by Peter Garlick (4) and Damon Hansom (4), also of Meltham, with 43 points, also recording a net eagle on the 13th. 90 minutes later this score was matched by Crosland Heath's Andrew Lawton (8) and Chris Moorhouse (9), again with a net eagle on the 13th. This was soon overtaken by the eventual winners Ray Owen (15) and Richard Gledhill (14) of Crosland Heath with 44 Points and no eagles. The tie for second place was resolved on a countback which has to go to the last hole and went in favour of the home club pair courtesy of net birdie to a par.

After the recent poor weather we were fortunate to have a very sunny day for the most part although this came with a cool North wind. With the wind in this direction some of the low stroke index holes played much easier than usual, the 13th and 18th particularly so. Nearly all the holes were played from the summer tees although the greens were still very soft. Due to course maintenance preferred lies were played “through the green”. The course was in very good condition for mid February and this was reflected in the scoring.

We now have a tie in the club championship with Dewsbury and Meltham on 211 points. James Ward overtakes Nigel Hirst in the Pro Order of Merit.

Outlane's professional Rob Booth partnered by John Lawton off 4 took a very tightly contested Ronnie Parkinson Trophy at Crow Nest Park Golf Club from leading armatures Oliver Shaw (5) of Crosland Heath partnered by Oliver Hague (11) of Bradley Hall on a back six count-back.

Postponed from last week when the course became waterlogged just before play was due to commence the greenkeepers had worked wonders to present the course in very good condition. Although the ground was still very soft it was remarkably dry for the most part, with just a few wet areas off the fairway and the greens were very good. The day was mostly cloudy with a blustery breeze and occasional showers.

Only 3 points covered the scores of the 5 pro-am competitors with Rob Booth & John Lawton (4) of Outlane on top with 42 points. Their card included 6 net birdies and no dropped shots although Rob managed to miss some short puts. There was an eagle on the Bradley Park assistant Richard Law and net eagles for Dewsbury's Martin Turner (9) and Jonathan Binns (4).

In the am-am there was an equally tight contest with the top 10 covered by 3 points. Early clubhouse leaders Oliver Shaw and Oliver Hague carded 42 points and this was eventually matched by late starters Steve Spencer (16) and Gerry Quinn (20) of Outlane, however their back 9 of 18 points, which included a net albatross for Spencer on the 10th hole, was no match for two Oliver's 20 points. Net eagles were recorded by Paul Crosse (9) of Crosland Heath on the 3rd and 11th holes while net eagles were also recorded by P Ledgard (15), Dewsbury, Richard Walker (15), Dewsbury, S.Howard (16), Willow Valley, Donald Harrison (13), Bradley Park and Mike Simmons (25) of Marsden.

The Club Championship is still very close with Dewsbury on 291 points, Meltham and Crosland Heath on 288 and Outlane on 284. The Professional Order of Merit looks likely to go to Dewsbury's James Ward who has a healthy 14 points lead over his boss, Nigel Hirst and Outlane's Rob Booth.

After the very wet early spring we have decided to play the Outlane alliance on 1st May and the Page Trophy and Roger Heap Cup, at Bradley Park, on 15th May.

The Marsden, Outlane and Bradley Park (Page Trophy) events were cancelled due to a combination of very wet conditions and low number of entries.

The National Alliance was cancelled due to very wet conditions and was not re-arranged.